Following are the requirements for build and runtime:

  • MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment)

  • JACK Audio Connection Kit


  • Standard MIDI File format library

  • Python >= 2.5

  • PyGTK: GTK+ for Python

  • GtkSourceView 2.x and Python bindings

On Debian you can install the dependencies by typing (as root):
apt-get install libjack-dev
apt-get install libsmf-dev
apt-get install python-gtk2
apt-get install python-gtksourceview2

You can download the Debian package for MMA here.

Optional Downloads

Optionally, you can install a GUI front-end for JACK audio server:

  • QJackCtl

Optionally, to play MIDI, download a software synthesizer and sound fonts:

  • FluidSynth real-time software synthesizer

  • Fluidsynth GUI front-end

  • Fluid sound font


Download the latest LinuxBand source code tarball from Downloads section.
To compile LinuxBand, run following commands in the extracted directory:
You can type ./configure --help to see a list of compilation options. After LinuxBand is compiled run:
make install
as root to install it.

Get Involved

LinuxBand is free software and contributions are very welcome.

  • Submit the bugreports or suggestions on the GitHub bug tracker here.
  • If you are a programmer, fork the LinuxBand project on GitHub, make changes and send us a pull request. Or send your patches per email. The Python code holds the style guidelines suggested by Google Python Style Guide.
  • If you want to contribute documentation or changes to this website, fork the LinuxBand project, make changes on gh-pages branch and send us a pull request. You can always send your changes or suggestions per email.


Send your comments and suggestions to Aleš Nosek,